Hamilton City Quarterly economic monitor - December 2019

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Car registrations

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Highlights for Hamilton City

  • The number of cars registered in Hamilton City decreased by -1.7% in the year to December 2019 compared with the previous 12 months. Growth was higher than in New Zealand, where car sales decreased by -8.6%.
  • A total of 9,183 cars were registered in Hamilton City in the year to December 2019. This compares with the ten year average of 7,219.

National overview

Car registrations in the year to December 2019 were down 8.6%, finishing the year with the weakest result since 2014. Used small car registrations have remained at roughly the same level for the past two years, new small car registrations saw a brief resurgence in late 2019, while large new and used cars are in sharp decline. These conflicting trends in small and large car registrations reflect a mixed economic environment with robust consumer confidence, rising wages and a resurgence in house price growth contrasting with subdued business confidence and softening employment prospects.