Hamilton City Quarterly economic monitor - December 2018

Gross domestic product (provisional)

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Highlights for Hamilton City

  • GDP (provisional) in Hamilton City was up 3.5% for the year to December 2018 compared to a year earlier. Growth was higher than in New Zealand (2.8%).
  • GDP (provisional) was $8,128 million in Hamilton City for the year to December 2018 (2010 prices).
  • Annual GDP growth in Hamilton City peaked at 4.2% in the year to March 2012.

National overview

Infometrics provisionally estimates that the New Zealand economy expanded by 2.7% in 2018. Economic activity has slipped below the 3%pa+ levels that have prevailed over much of the past five years. Key detractors have been lower business investment, weaker construction and slower population growth. Nevertheless, export returns to date have remained relatively strong. We anticipate that economic activity will hold close to current levels in 2019, but remain wary of the US-China trade war, more cautious Chinese consumers, and the flow-on effects from Australia’s struggling housing market.