Hamilton City Quarterly economic monitor - September 2019

Tourism Spending

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Highlights for Hamilton City

  • Total tourism expenditure in Hamilton City decreased by 1.6% in the year to September 2019. This compares with an increase of 3.1% in New Zealand.
  • Total tourism expenditure was approximately $896m in Hamilton City during the year to September 2019, which was down from $910m a year ago.

National overview

Visitor spending maintained its lacklustre performance rising 3.1% in the September 2019 year. Domestic visitor growth weakened to 1.3% in the September year, as subdued population growth and a slowing domestic economy put a dampener on consumer spending. International visitor spending rose 5.9% in the September 2019 year, with 5.9% growth in spending by Australian tourists (our biggest market) and a 17% rise in spending by tourists from the US offsetting a 2.2% fall in spending by Chinese tourists.