Marlborough Region Quarterly economic monitor - June 2020

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Traffic flow

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Highlights for Marlborough Region

  • Traffic flows in Marlborough Region decreased by -8.3% over the year to June 2020. This compares with an decrease of -9.4% in New Zealand.

National overview

Traffic flows across New Zealand hit the brakes in the June quarter, with usually bustling roads left deserted at the start of the quarter as the lockdown was enforced. Freight continued to move across the country, but at reduced levels, with only essential goods ordered and delivered. Transport activity recovered as New Zealand moved down the Alert Levels, with Kiwi road trips bolstering domestic tourism activity, and a dash to online retailing seeing package delivery delays. Traffic levels during Level 4 dropped to 15% of usual in the depths of Level 4, before increasing to just over 80% towards the end of the quarter.