Timaru District Quarterly economic monitor - March 2020

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Health Enrolments

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Highlights for Timaru District

  • The number of people enrolled with a primary health organisation in Timaru District in the year to March 2020 increased by 1.0% compared with the previous year. Growth was lower relative to New Zealand, where the number of enrolments increased by 2.5%.
  • An average of 47,170 people were enroled with primary healthcare providers in Timaru District in the 12 months ended March 2020. This compares with an average of 46,122 since the start of the series in 2013.

National overview

Health enrolments continue to grow, with both a rise in the current population and a new health issue contributing to better coverage of the population. Growth in health enrolments advanced to 2.5%pa over the 12 months to March 2020, up from 2.3%pa in December. After slowing in recent quarters as net migration levels held steady, national population growth jumped to 2.0%pa, from a revised 1.7%pa in December. We expect that health enrolment could continue to rise in future quarters even if population growth slows in line with our expectations, with the current environment making it more likely for people to enrol for health services because of COVID-19 and ability to access cheaper healthcare if enrolled.