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Timaru District Quarterly economic monitor - September 2020

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Non-residential consents

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Highlights for Timaru District

  • Non-residential building consents to the value of $37 million were issued in Timaru District during the year to September 2020.
  • The value of consents decreased by -12.5% over the year to September 2020. By comparison the value of consents in New Zealand decreased by -7.6% over the same period.
  • Over the last 10 years, consents in Timaru District reached a peak of $58 million in the year to September 2015.

National overview

Non-residential building consents were strong in the September 2020 quarter, helping to offset some of the weakness earlier in the year, with consents now down 7.6% over the year to September 2020. New consents were responsible for all the growth in the last quarter, while the value of alterations and additions contracted. Social, cultural, and religious building consents have been particularly strong in recent months. We expect the government to open their purse strings to help support the COVID-19 recovery, and therefore expect strong public non-residential consents going forward. Conversely, we expect private consents to weaken over the next year as businesses struggle with a weaker economy going forward.