Timaru District Quarterly economic monitor - March 2020

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Traffic flow

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Highlights for Timaru District

  • Traffic flows in Timaru District decreased by -0.9% over the year to March 2020. This compares with an decrease of -0.2% in New Zealand.

National overview

Transport activity declined by 0.1%pa over the 12 months to March 2020, reversing the slightly faster pace of traffic activity over the December 2019 year. Daily traffic flow analysis shows that transport activity across the country drifted lower throughout February, with lower tourism numbers combining with fewer freight movements. However, the immediate move to Level 3 on 23 March saw traffic volumes drop 15% from volumes on March 1. The Level 4 lockdown saw traffic flows on the last day of March at just a quarter (26%) of usual traffic levels. Heavy traffic flows held up better, operating at around 60% of normal levels on the last day of March. Lower consumption is set to keep traffic volumes subdued even as the economy reopens.