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Timaru District Quarterly economic monitor - September 2020

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Traffic flow

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Highlights for Timaru District

  • Traffic flows in Timaru District decreased by -7.7% over the year to September 2020. This compares with an decrease of -10.5% in New Zealand.

National overview

Vehicle movements in the September 2020 quarter recovered substantially from lower levels in June, as Kiwis got moving again. However, traffic activity was still 3.3%pa lower than a year earlier, with fewer tourists in the country and lower trade activity overall. The effects of the Auckland restrictions in August are clear, with Auckland and neighbouring Waikato recording sustained hits to traffic activity even as most of the country saw a sustained bounce-back from the Level 4 lockdown hit the previous quarter. Otago recorded an annual decline, partially stemming from the lack of tourist activity, while both Wellington and Canterbury also saw weak traffic activity as major urban centres remained harder hit.