Waimakariri District Quarterly economic monitor - September 2018

Gross domestic product

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Highlights for Waimakariri District

  • GDP in Waimakariri District was up 3.0% for the year to September 2018 compared to a year earlier. Growth was higher than in New Zealand (2.9%).
  • GDP was $1,873 million in Waimakariri District for the year to September 2018 (2010 prices).
  • Annual GDP growth in Waimakariri District peaked at 11% in the year to March 2011.

National overview

Infometrics provisionally estimates that GDP grew by 2.9% over the September 2018 year, the same as the rate of growth recorded the previous year. Although weak business confidence has grabbed the headlines, businesses have been surprisingly bullish in their hiring and investment behaviour against a backdrop of strong production across most industries. Businesses have been wary to raise prices over recent years, but with cost pressures beginning to squeeze profitability, pricing intentions have begun to push up.